Outdoor Cunt Fucking

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Amateur porno Star Delilah Daze was outside reading  a book enjoying the beautiful warm breeze and her alone time, but all that changed when the dirty old man came outside to see what this sexy brunette was up to… It wasn’t long till this horny bimbo was outside nekkid ridding the old man,  moaning with every  thrust of his hard dick. ( I wonder if the neighbors are watching??)  To see this hot outdoor sex Join Glass Mannequin

Sexy teen outdoors

Sexy teenager outdoors

Here’s a petite peek of  Delilah Daze pretty pink twat and nice round ass… See the whole thing at Glass Mannequin

Nice round ass

Nice round ass

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Two Sisters At Once

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I’ve always had a fantasy of fucking sisters and twins so when I saw these photograph of two sisters fucking an older man as they filmed each other, I had to find out where that came from and after a little research, I found the photograph and video clip on a sister smut site called Bring Me Your Sister. I also found a free sister smut gallery of the same two sisters, Maxi Booty and Blaze Burnz, getting unclad and having sex with the old bastard. It all started when the younger sister, Maxi, used the older sister’s stage name at the strip club they worked at – Blaze was pissed so she pimped her little sister out in her first-ever extreme sister smut video clip – and then joined in.

Blaze films her sister maxi getting her pussy eaten

Blaze films her sister maxi getting her cooder eaten

Both tattooed sister’s have sexy light, almost sandy, brunette hair, sexy smiles, firm asses, petite perky fun bags,  and sexy shaved twats with Blaze having a few more tattoos and piercings than her little sister Maxi. It’s also obvious that both sisters love sex and that this probably isn’t the first, or last, time that the sisters have sex together. That said, it wasn’t long and both sisters were unclad on the couch an waiting their turn to get fucked – filming their sister as that waited.

Blaze films her sister getting fucked

Blaze films her sister getting fucked

It was soon the older sister’s turn to get fucked so handing the camera to her little sister, Maxi got on her knees and took it doggie-style as her sister ran the camera. You can tell how short Blaze really is in when you see her taking the old man fro behind – great how much of a turn-on it is to watch these two sisters making porn.

Maxi films her sister getting fucked from behind

Maxi films her sister getting fucked from behind

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Real Teens – Real Sex – Violet Little

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Super cute brunette teenager Violet Little had just turned 18 when she made her first porno shoot for us on BringMeYourSister.com and she liked screwing on camera so much that she just kept coming back for more. Since Violet lives in my neighborhood she became a natural for RealColoradoGirls.com and now spends a lot of time hanging out at the flat and fucking. Sure, we shoot it when we fuck and we put most of the homemade porno movies on the internet for you all to enjoy.

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Violet Laughs After Making A homemade porno Video

In fact, this errant young mom is a real blast to have around – and even more fun to fuck. At 4?11? she’s a short little tease but the small thing can handle all 9? of my pecker no matter how hard I fuck her. Her over sized natural boobies and her tight teenager snatch make her one of the best pieces of butt a man will ever find. You can see all of her errant pics by joining any one of our three feature sites. Join one and get access to all three.

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Butterfly Haze

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18 year old Butterfly Haze had never been with an older an before and was real nervous about her first old-young sex vid for Glass Mannequin and asked that we do a set with no crew there so she could relax a little. I agreed and sent our camera-teenager home, setting two cameras on tripods and keeping a camera handy for a few POV shots.  To help the hard-bodied tattooed and pierced teen relax a bit more, I gave her a back massage.

Butterfly Haze - First Old-Young Porn

Butterfly Haze – Removes Her Shirt In Her First porn With An Older Man

I was soon massaging her firm little knockers, imagining what it would be like to slide my fat cock deep into this cute teenager’s itty bitty little cunt. I then proceeded to pull the cute teen’s pants off, exposing her pink undies and a neatly shaved pink teenager cooder and her little pierced clit.

Butterfly Haze - Pierced Navel and Pink Panties

Butterfly Haze – Pierced Navel and Pink Panties

Butterfly Haze has one of the prettiest muffins I’d ever seen and I was more then ready to see if it tasted as sweet and it looked. Sliding my thumb into her pink depths, I could feel her little cooder contracting on my thumb as I stroked her pierced clit with my fingers. She would soon be ready for her first old cock. Download the full shoot on Glass Mannequin today.

Butterfly Haze - Spreads Her Legs For The Old Man

Butterfly Haze – Spreads Her Legs For The Old Man

I had already shot Butterfly in a number of solo and teenager-teenager vids and picture sets but this was the first time I had ever tasted her sweet cooder and it was also the first time the cute brown haired had ever seen the erect cock of a man my age, let alone allow the old bastard play with her excellent pointy knockers, with their pierced nipples perched on top like little pink jelly-beans just waiting to be sucked. But I was here to fuck her itty bitty cunt so I handed her the camera, and guided my fat cock slowly into the warmth of her shaved teenager cooder. She winced in pain – not only was this her first old-young video, Butterfly Haze had never even fucked a real man-sized cock before and now she was wondering how in the world she was going to fit that fat cock all the way in her itty bitty little muffy. Butterfly Haze was about to have her first mammoth cock.

Butterfly Haze - First Old Cock

Butterfly Haze – First Old Cock

But she managed, just barely, and not without a little pain to take every last inch of my now fully-engorged cock. Somewhere in the shoot, after fucking the itty bitty teen for a small time, the small brown haired whispered that she couldn’t take much more…..  So I looked down at her excellent body, focused on the sensation of her super-tight cooder milking my cock, the feeling of my balls slapping on her firm round ass and got ready to cover the little cum dumpster in a mammoth load of old-man cream – then posted her old-young audition on Glass Mannequin for your viewing pleasure.

Butterfly Haze - First Big Cock

Butterfly Haze – First mammoth Cock

A few more strokes on her pink little cunt, my balls slapping on her firm teenager ass, I pulled out just in time to cover her excellent tight tummy with cream – the first few drops dripping slowly out of her cunt where I had deposited them, creampie style, and the rest smeared all over her shaved muffy and her sexy tummy. Butterfly haze had just been fucked by an older man with a fat cock – for the very first time. And she would be coming back for more! See all her porno by joining Glass Mannequin today

Butterfly Haze - First Huge Cock

Butterfly Haze – First king-sized Cock

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Delilah Daze Pimped By Her Brother

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With unemployment at a all-time high it’s no wonder that siblings are looking for creative ways to make ends meet and some creative brothers have found that pimping their own sisters out is a terrific way to make a little extra dough. Dave had already decided that his sister needed to be punished for spending all the rent coin and after finding the add for Bring Me Your Sister  add online, Dave decided exactly how he was going to fuck his sister over – he would pimp the little cunt out in her first-ever smut vid and dough in on the receipts.

delilah daze pimped by her brother xxxp sisp oldny plts lbts petite shaved teen amateur delilahdaze

Delilah Daze Pimped By Her Brother

Like most loving brothers, Dave didn’t tell his nasty little sister what he had planned with the perverts at Bring Me Your Sister but just showed up on my doorstep with his sister in tow and a chip on his shoulder – he wanted his rent coin back and if it meant his sister would have to spread her legs and fuck an old man’s wrinkled schlong – then so be it!  That said – I think Dave was a little surprided at how easy it was to talk his petite little sister into fucking in front of him. little little Delilah was soon bent over the couch with her shaved little vagina just inches from her brother’s camera – just teasing him with the scent of her womanhood.

Delilah's Brother Films Her Cute Teen Ass

Delilah’s Brother vids Her Cute teenager Ass

I think her brother was a little surprised when the old man she was fucking didn’t pull out to jizz but instead, filled her little little teenage vagina with jizz – creampie style, then lifted his sister off his schlong and let his his warm jizz drip out of her little cunt and all over the couch. Of course, Dave kept on filming and now you can all enjoy yhe first vid he ever made of his petite brown haired sister – perky tits and all.

Cum Dripping From His Sister

Cum Dripping From His Sister’s Pussy

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