Petite Coed Delilah Daze Takes It All

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If there’s one thing I love it’s dwarf teens and the 4-foot 11-inch Delilah Daze such a sweet little thing that you can’t help but to fall in love with her from the first moment you meet her. This cute little brunette did her first porno video with me and then came back to do a dozen more amateur vids and photo sets. Click on the images to view each of the free video galleries  featuring this cute teenager. In the first free gallery, Real Colorado Girl Delilah Daze shows us what a tease she can be – showing us her cute smile and round little butt. There is a excellent series on panty-play with complete with camel-toe and muff-flashing  for your enjoyment.

Delilah Daze

Delilah Daze Unbuttons My Shirt

In the second free gallery, the dwarf teen has her first orgasm as I show her why younger women keep cumming back to get more excellent cunnilingus from older men. Delilah returns the favor by eating my balls and then giving me an superior fellatio.

Tasting Delilah's Sweet Little Pussy

Tasting Delilah’s Sweet Little Pussy

In the third free gallery, you get to see initial penetration as the itty bitty teenager lies back on the bed as I slowly slide my boner deep inside her tight little muff. She then rides me cowgirl-style and back to spooning where I shot a large load of hot spunk all over her soft teen skin.

Delilah Daze Covered In Cum

Delilah Daze Covered In Cum

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Redhead lesbo cuntmuncher Smokie Flame wanted to pop the dwarf teenage amateur teenage, Kyanna Raves, lesbo cherry and so when I asked her to do a lesbo set with the short little brunette for Glass Mannequin she jumped at the chance . It didn’t take Smokie long to have her new girlfriend spread out on the bed, her superior natural tits in the air and her legs spread wide as Smokie fisted the dwarf brunette in her first on-camera lesbo smut film.

cuntmunchers smokieflame and kyannaraves lcm landingstrip nnts bnts

Cuntmunchers Smokie Flame and Kyanna Raves

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Spread Her Butterfly Coochie

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This sick bastard drug his little sister to me for a good grudge fucked fuck after she fucked his wife. Seams the little hussy has no infatuation for the sanctity of marriage nor any infatuation for her older brother, no wonder he decided to pimp her out in her first porno film. Now I’m not sure if watching your sister get fucked is normal but Kirstoff seamed like he was enjoying watching the old fucker that runs Bring Me Your Sister

ButterflyHaze amateur teen Latina brunette pierced tattooed hcm sisp gnd plts petite shaved oldny

Kirstoff Agrees To Pimp Out His Sister

This guy’s sexy little sister is known as “Butterfly Haze” and it’s not just for the butterfly tattoos that she has on her hard teenage body – take one look at her little “butterfly muff” and you’ll yearn for to kick her brother off the camera and hold it yourself. In fact, since she’s not your sister, go ahead and slide your tongue right up her little “butterfly”.

Spreading His Sister's "Butterfly Pussy"

Spreading His Sisters Butterfly Pussy

If she were your sister, you think she’s be a little pissed off if you pimped her out? Well, Butterfly was a little pissed at her brother and she really didn’t appreciate her fuckin pervert of a brother watching the old guy fuck her. In fact, I think you can tell from the look on her face that getting grudge-fucked as her brother filmed it wasn’t at the top of her list of things to do on a Saturday night.  Of course, you might yearn for to glance at her hard teenage body and her perky pierced nipples just like her naughty brother did ;-) .

Butterfly Stares At Her Brother As She Gets Fucked

Butterfly Stares At Her Brother As She Gets Fucked

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Coed Fucked By Dirty Old Man

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Shaye Baxter had no idea that she would get her little teenager cunt stretched by a dirty old man when she ventured through the woods that day. Little did the skinny girl from Colorado  know when she walked up on the old man’s campsite that her cute teenager booty was in for not only a good fuck, but her first amateur porno set to be hosted on Real Colorado Girls. There are scarier things in the woods besides Sasquatches, like dirty old perverts running around naked and this dwarf amateur learned this lesson the hard way.

ShayeBaxter Outdoor Teen Amateur Sex skinny gnd plts lbtsxxxp

Shaye Has Gotten Herself In Trouble Now

With Shaye being as skinny as she is at 5? 2? tall and all of 100lbs you could practically hear her ribs cracking as she slid down on a the old man’s over-sized boner with her cute teenager cunt for the first time (see it all on Real Colorado Girls). After a few minutes she didn’t seem to mind the camera at all as she began pounding away at Richard Nailder’s boner like a sex-crazed maniac. For a young eighteen year old teenager tart, she took to riding a over-sized boner like an absolute champ while rubbing her pointy little  titties in the old man’s face.

Shaye Petite Teen Outdoor Itty-Bitty Tits

Sliding Down On A over-sized Cock

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Violet Little Forced To Do Smut

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Violet Little probably never would have become the pornstar she is today if it had not been for her brother. Yes, it was her brother that forced her to do her very first smut video for the sick fuckers at Bring Me Your Sister after she wrecked his play-station and had no way to pay him back. Seems her brother’s toys were more valuable to him than his sister’s chastity so when his cute short sister couldn’t pay him back, the sick pervert pimped her out in her very first smut video. Lucky for us, Violet Little loves penis and performing in front of the camera was more of a turn-on for her than her brother could ever have imagined – even if her brother was filming her fuck.

violetlittle amateur teen

Violet Little – Forced By Her Brother To Do Porn

Poor little Violet had no idea what her brother was up to when she got into the ride with him that day but soon after arriving at the old man’s home, she realized that the only way she was leaving is if she fucked the old bastard – then the real bombshell – her brother would be filming her fuck. Now how many teenage moms would be cool with their brother filming them in their first ever smut video?

petite bnts bfc brunette xxxp

Violet Little’s Brother Agrees To shoot Her

But Violet was a trooper and decided that the only way to pay her brother back was to buckle down and take the old man’s throbbing penis deep in her shaved coed snatch- it didn’t take long for Violet to forget that her brother was only inches from her shaved little cunt and she started to really enjoy the sensation of the older man’s fat penis as it slid in and out of her wet little pussy. She was soon fingering her own clitoris and leaned back and moaned as she climaxed for the third time. Making smut was a lot more fun than she had ever imagined – and to be honest, having her brother there somehow made the experience more titillating and I’m pretty sure he enjoyed seeing his sister’s immense natural tits bouncing as she fucked the old fucker as hard as she could.

sisp gnd grudge oldny shaved

Violet Starts To Enjoy The oversized Cock

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Who Likes Rough Sex?

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A few friends and I were talking about what constitutes “rough sex” and I was amazed at the muffies responses – Only two of the guys had ever pulled a babes hair, choked her pulled her knockers or choked a girl, puller her hair or slammed their meat so deep it put the girl in tears… well, I doubt any of them could have done the last one but hell, a little choking, scratching, hair pulling and whoopin can be a lot of fun with the right person.

That’s when I pulled out this video clip I had just re-edited of the super-sexy dwarf young mom Violet Little. Bear in mind that I had only met Violet a few minutes before – she had never seen any of my work an I had never seen her unclad – but we had instant chemistry and were soon fucking like animals – scratching, biting, choking, and banging the shit out of the little girl with my fat meat. Yes – I had found a new star, Violet Little. In the first picture I was just getting to get a feel for what the sexy young mom wanted – grabbing her ample fun bags, I pulled on the d-cups as I fucked her with my hand – she responded so I pressed on.  Download the full video clip here.

Violet Little Likes It Rough violetlittle xxxp sisp oldny petite amateur 1tm hym bnts facial choking landingstrip gnd

Violet Little Likes It Rough

This picture was taken as I fucked Violet missionary style – one exquisite thing about this position is you can get a LOT of depth and I was hitting bottom – making the cute brown haired coed scream out in pained pleasure with each deep stroke of my throbbing meat. The full video clip can be seen on Bring Me Your Sister.

Fucking Violet Little Till She Screams

Fucking Violet Little Till She Screams

Getting behind the dwarf brown haired I grabbed her by the neck and fucked her as hard as I could doggie-style, choking her hard as my meat slammed deep into the depths of her pulsating pussy – Violet’s climax peaked shortly after this picture was taken. The full video clip can be seen on Bring Me Your Sister.

Choking Violet Little As I Fuck Her Hard

Choking Violet Little As I Fuck Her Hard

You have no idea how wonderful such a sexy little coed can feel on an old man’s meat but you can get an idea how much I was liking it by the massive load of cream caught flying at Violet’s face in this picture. When I was done, the dwarf young mom was covered in cream – from her pulsating teen pussy, over her giant natural knockers and all over her cute teen face. Download the full video clip here.

Covering Violet Little In Cum

Covering Violet Little In Cum

The full video clip can be seen on Bring Me Your Sister. – join now and I’ll throw in full access to two additional sites including every video clip Violet Little has ever made – including this one, her first.

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Delilah Daze Gets Fucked Hard

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I love watching dwarf coeds getting fucked hard by good-sized penises and watching this vid of Delilah Daze getting hammered by a much older man had me wishing it was my pecker pounding the shit out of this sexy dwarf brunette’s little little cunt.

Petite Teenager Delilah Daze Fucked Hard delilahdaze xxxp petite oldny brunette bfc landingstrip gnd teen amateur

Petite coed Delilah Daze Fucked Hard

Then the old man bent the dwarf coed over the bed and fucked her hard from behind, her curly brunette hair sawing in rhythm with her pointy little hooters,  as she fingered her own puffy clitoris until she climaxed, her little cunt pulsating on the old man’s thick pecker. After viewing the streaming version on Glass Mannequin, I downloaded the high quality version and now I have it to jerk off to every day – one of my favorites.

Delilah Daze Bent Over And Fucked Hard

Delilah Daze Bent Over And Fucked Hard

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