Lexi Diamond Warms Up For Substantial Schlong

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It looks like someone was itching for a monstrous 12 inch jackhammer. I found Lexi Diamond right on the bed warming up her muff with a sex-toy. She looked like a shy type to me but I was dead wrong when she finally slid the sextoy in and out her teen pussy and licked it clean. She asked for Billy since she knew that he was hung as a horse. I waved at my stunt dick right away once she was done with her tease. Billy rushed to the set, spread her legs wide open and licked her tight teen vagina. She moved on top of him and tried to swallow his monstrous dick. It was bigger than her arm but Lexi did not give up and bobbed her bj up and down his mammoth meat stick until he grew a boner. She started screaming silly when she straddled Billy and she even begged for his special sauce. DOWNLOAD the full movie of Lexi Diamond ONLY at BigCockTeenAddiction.com!

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Maxi Booty – My First Lesbo Encounter

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I’m not a lesbian ad so it was a little weird when one of the coeds helping with one of my shoots started hitting on me during the shoot. It helped that I was already a bit horny from the excitement of getting nude in front of a camera, that has always turned me on, but I doubt I would have let the coeds any where near my muff had I not already been a little turned on. But as soon as the super-cute Colorado teen Indica Young reached over and stroked my bald little muff, I knew I wanted more of her delicate touch. In fact, I wanted more than her touch…. I wanted to feel the cute little flaxen’s warm tongue on my already puffy clit. I wanted her to fuck me!

Indica Young Touches Maxi Booty In Her First Lesbian Encounter

Indica Young Touches Maxi Booty In Maxi’s First lesbian Encounter

What the fuck? Indica was supposed to be running the camera but I soon found myself trying to hold the camera as the petite teen licked my wet little muff. In fact, she was so good at eating the bean that I had a little trouble holding the camera steady as I climaxed during my first lesbian encounter. The sensation of a teen eating my muff was wonderful, she seemed to know what I wanted and responded perfectly to my quivers and spasms making me climax multiple times before taking the camera and letting me return the favor. Best part is we were shooting for my friend at Real Colorado Girls and so all of you can watch my first lesbian video clip by joining today. Members of Real Colorado Girls get too see more of my amateur smut, including my first dozen movies, with one membership that with any other site on the internet so join today.

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Filming My First lesbian Encounter

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Violet Little Sucks Cock

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Violet Little is a short young mom that loves sex – and because of this, she’s had a lot of practice sucking boner. Lucky for us, this hot teenage mom isn’t afraid of sucking a little boner when the cameras are rolling. In this hot bj scene, Violet is doing her best to get Richard Nailder to set his semen deep in the back of her throat but he manages to hold off long enough to fuck her first. Violet can only be seen sucking boner on Glass Mannequin so check her out today.

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Violet Little Sucks Cock

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Kaydence Skye Does Her First Teenager-teenager Porno

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Kaydence Skye always claimed she loved fucking coeds but until she actually did it in front of the camera – we weren’t convinced that this small hard-bodied coed really had a clue about cunnilingus. So, whale in Vegas a few weeks back, we grabbed one of our regular models and let the two coeds have a little fun in front of the camera. Kaydence had met the guys at Glass Mannequin Productions after her brother piped her out (and filmed her) in a shoot for Bring Me Your Sister and she had enough fun fucking on camera that she wanted to earn a few more coin and if she could make bucks fucking an old man – then fucking a coed as cute as Thena Sky would be a real pleasure.

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Thena Sky Checks Out Kaydence’s ideal boobies

The eighteen year old tattooed and pierced Kaydence had just met 19 year old Thena but the two coeds got along superb and both were looking forward to some immaculate carpet-muncher sex on what was to be Kaydence’s first on-camera carpet-muncher sex. Kaydence got right into fucking her new girlfriend and was soon munching the cute teenage dark haired’s shaved little cunt. Thena soon returned the favor and both coeds reached quiet but quivering orgasms.

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Kaydence Skye Eats Her First Pussy

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Richard Nailder And Nomad Fuck The Neighbor Coeds

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Nomad was hanging out at Richard Nailder’s place with Diva Duz and Tasha Burke and decided to see if he had enough game to get the teens in the hot tub for a little fun – but the orgy was just starting when Richard came flat and caught the kids playing and true to Richard’s style, he joined in on the fun. After all, it was his pad and the teens were Real Colorado Girls so why should the visiting Nomad get all the pleasure of fucking the two sweet hearts next door? Nomad is more used to having the teens tie him up and torture his ass so it was a pleasant change to be fucking the teens without something tired to his balls and the old man Richard wasn’t going to let either one of these cute neighbor teens tie him to anything. He would, however, fellatio up the “train” that is the beginning of any good orgy.

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Tasha Burks Gives Richard Nailder A Wet Blowjob

Nomad was the first one to split Tasha’s shaved little cooder with his over-sized boner and from the looks of her face in this next picture, I’d say he was filling the hot young mom’s cooder to the brim. In fact, it looks like there is plenty of fat boner to keep both teens happy as Richard and Nomad fuck them brutally in the hot tub. The tattooed black beauty Diva Duz loved the way the fat boner of Richard Nailder filled her up – even if it hurt just a bit.

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Interracial Orgy At Richard’s House

This was the first time Nomad had ever fucked a black woman and he was a just a bit curious how it would feel to thrust his over-sized boner in her little black muffin. Of course, Richard had fucked both of the neighborhood teens before so he was more than willing to share the girl-next-door cooder with Nomad.Nomad had a perfect time fucking Diva but the petite black girl had a little trouble fitting his thick white boner in her tight black cooder.

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Tasha Burke And Diva Duz Fuck Outdoors

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Violet Little After The Strip Club

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Petite brown haired teen Violet Little is a errant little babe and when I took her to the strip club, she got all wet and horny teasing the strippers and wanted some schlong when we got place. And of course I obliged the errant dwarf teen and dangled my schlong over her face begging the errant babe to suck it. And suck it she did, this 4’11? babe can suck chrome off a trailer hitch. But hearing this sexy 18 year old horny young mom giggle was enough to make me lust after to blow my load in her mouth – but I waited.

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Violet Little Teases My Cock

Of course, real errant girls always lust after to do more then a little head and Violet is no exception. This tiny teen loves a massive schlong and she moaned as I slid my throbbing schlong slowly into her warm wet little beaver. If you love landing strips as much as I do, then watching this tiny babe get fucked by a fat schlong should get yo as hard as it got me.

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Fucking Violet’s Little Pussy

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Neighborhood Slut – Maxi Booty

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Every neighborhood has at least one tart and in my neighborhood, Maxi Booty is queen of the sluts! Now don’t get me wrong, I love sluts so being the neighborhood tart is a good thing. In fact, the petite brunette Maxi Booty being the neighborhood slut is a faultless thing! For those of you wankers that have never seen Maxi Booty doing her thing, I highly recommend taking a look at some of her porno on Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls.

Maxi Booty and Richard Nailder

Maxi is a cute Colorado teen that started in the porno with us shortly after turning 18. Lucky for me she lives just a few blocks away and is always willing to stop by and give me a hummer – so long as I fuck her tight little twat as hard as I can when she’s done.

Maxi Booty Sucks My Cock

And what red-blooded man would turn down a chance to fuck this sexy coed with her babe-next-door look, her undamaged natural melons  and her succulent teenager booty?  I know I never will and I’m sure not many other men would either.  See her free galleries by clicking on the images.

Fucking The Neighborhood Slut

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